Simpsons, The - Wrestling (PS1) Online Emulator

*Recommended to play on a PC or a powerful smartphone. 
*Don't forget to use fullscreen
*Ability to play multiplayer
*Possibility to save the game
*Possible to play with a gamepad (and change controls)

The Simpsons Wrestling is a fighting video game based on the animated television series The Simpsons. Developed by Big Ape Productions and published by Activision (Electronic Arts in Europe) for the PlayStation, it was first released in Europe in March 2001, followed by North America a month later. It is also the only Simpsons video game released for the PlayStation

There are 20 characters in the game, all of whom are voiced by the same actors that provide their voices in the show, and each character executes his or her own exclusive moves and gestures and power moves in the wrestling ring. The matches take place in detailed 3D locations from Springfield. A round in the game ends when one wrestler pins his opponent for a three count. Two victorious rounds wins a match. Unlike in traditional wrestling rules, the opponent may be pinned belly-down.

The game was widely panned by critics, and is considered to be one of the worst video games of all time.


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